Study Abroad Tips: Traveling

A big part of studying abroad is having the opportunity to visit other places and travel around. I have some tips I hope will help when you plan your next trip.


1.Save up

Traveling is not cheap, but it can be affordable. Saving money will give you the opportunity to travel to a lot of places.

2.Research visa and other travel requirements

Different countries have their different travel policies. It is wise to research the different policies of the countries you wish to travel to before booking a ticket.

3.Travel in Groups

It is a safer and more fun to travel in groups. It is also cheaper to book flights and hotels/hostels.

4.Be Cultured

Be aware of the different cultures of different countries. It is always good to be respectful and educated about the different cities and countries.


Do some research before hand to know the places to go and the restaurants with the best reviews.

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