Study Abroad Tips: Safety

As a foreigner in a country where I could not understand or speak the language, safety was very important to me. Especially as a woman I had to make sure I was very careful with the people I associate myself with and the locations and times I went out. I wish everyone has a safe experience abroad but here are some tips on safety.


1.Get Health and Travel Insurance

It is always good to have health and travel insurance, no matter the length of your journey.

2.Be careful with your belongings

Although I was quite fortunate to get my stolen phone back, I know I could have been more careful in the first place. I advice you get a good secure bag, make sure it is always zipped up and in front of you.

3. Walk in Pairs

I recommend when going out , you go out in pairs and with people you know and trust.

4.Get a safe accommodation

Where you live is very important to your safety. Before renting an apartment, make sure you look up the surroundings and check reviews of the area.

5.Share your location

Hopping into an Uber or Taxi, I advice you share your location with someone your trust one hundred percent.

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