Goodbye Madrid

I simply cannot believe my time in Spain has finally come to an end! It has been such a great pleasure living and studying in such a lively city with lovely people. This whole experience has truly exceeded my expectations. I learnt about different cultures and how to relate with different people.

For anyone in doubt I fully recommend either studying or working abroad you will be truly amazed at how much you will learn on such a small period of time. I will try to summarize my experiences so far in a few points of lessons learnt.

Lessons Learnt Abroad

People and cultures are different, try to see life from their perspective

Personal space is different around the world

Loosen up, and learn to enjoy each day as it comes

Don’t be afraid to mix with locals

Be open-minded and willing to learn

It is great to keep in touch with home

Don’t be afraid try new things, especially food

Make life long friendships with people around the world

Educate yourself on what is happening around the world, and don’t be afraid to have a voice.


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