Last Trip to Aranjuez

Aranjuez was one of my favorite locations in Madrid. Although it was a struggle for my friend and I to find our way back home at night, it was worth the journey. Which brings me to my travel tip for Aranjuez; try to arrive to the station before it gets dark. Aside from that, Aranjuez was a cool and swift little adventure.

It is another treasure hidden away from the bustling Madrid. There was only one place my friend and I were interested in Aranjuez. The Palace and it was absolutely stunning. Inside the palace is a beautiful garden decorated with flowers, sculptures and waterfalls.  Another beautiful feature of the garden were the birds especially the peacocks and ducks in the little pond. We noticed a lot people taking model pictures and engagement photos. Honestly everywhere around the palace is stunning and photo ready.

The palace also allows visitors to tour the inside of the palace. There are however fees attached to it. But there are always student discounts available for museums or other significant places like palaces.

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