Sunset at the Temple of Debod


My adventure at the Temple of Debod started as a class assignment. One of my classes I am taking in Spain is Spanish History and my professor recommended going there. Initially I was not going to go, but I am really glad I went.

The Temple of Debod during sunset is the most beautiful serene site I have seen so far in Madrid. Once you walk up those stairs the cool Madrid evening breeze immediately hits you and you have the wonderful sun setting in front of you. Everyone wants to catch the view at sunset so it gets a little bit crowded around the evening time.

TD 1

You can also go into the temple during open hours. I could not do that because of the long line. But honestly just walking around is good enough. This is another hot spot for tourist or locals who want to capture and enjoy the beautiful sunset and cool evening breeze, so I advice maybe going a little bit early in the evening because it can get difficult to take a picture, as everyone is trying to do the same thing.

If I lived right around that area, it would be a nice spot to go for an evening walk or run. Knocking out two birds with one stone. I did not spend a long time at the temple, but it definitely is one place I will not forget.



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