Solo Sol Adventures


For this edition of my lonely adventure, I went off to the Vertical garden in Madrid and also went for a walk around Sol. Sol on a good day is very busy, filled with open-eyed tourist clutching on to their bags and eagerly taking pictures and pointing at the beautiful Madrid buildings. You also have locals and study abroad students (like me) walking around with shopping bags or simply looking for a restaurant or a bar to have a good time.

This time I decided to go exploring alone. Although it is really amazing to explore with friends. I recommend taking some alone time to explore the city yourself. My first stop on my adventure was the ,Vertical Garden, Caixa Forum in Madrid. It is one of those hidden gems found in the middle of a quiet street.

The Caixa Forum/Vertical garden is a garden on the side of a building. It is quite easy to walk pass so you have to be very aware. Once you get there I promise the sight is very breathtaking. It was a good break from the Cathedrals and museums I have been to. It was simple but yet fascinating. I will definitely recommend this little treasure.

From the Caixa Forum, I found myself wandering around Sol. Walking into shops and looking for a quick snack to eat. I soon discovered what will be one of my favorite stores, Flying Tiger and Hema. I absolutely love those stores and wish I could package them to the States with me.


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