Off to see the Queen


My apologies for my very unoriginal title, but I tried to think of something funny. Well as you can tell from the title, I am in England this weekend. Rochester, Kent to be specific. Unlike my other travels, my trip to Kent was more focused on family time and bonding.

I don’t mean to complain but it took me forever to get through customs in the UK. It might have been because it was the weekend, or maybe the fact I am not from Europe. But this rant has a purpose. It leads to my next study abroad tip; Try to get off the plane as early as you can. I do not mean shove people off, but the earlier you get off, the earlier you get through customs.

I was greeted with trade mark British weather. It was cold and rainy, but it was a nice  break from sunny Madrid. Most importantly it was really great to be with my family and meet familiar faces after spending over a month in Madrid.

UK 2

First stop was the grocery store. For some reason I cannot get enough of European chocolate especially English and Swiss chocolate. Absolutely the best thing made. The last thing I was eager to try was fish and chips from an authentic fish and chips shop. (My cousins and I cannot seem to agree on the difference between, chips, crisps and fries). Please feel free to comment and help with that confusion.

I wish I could spend more time and do more things, but I have to remember my classes. But I will be back England!



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