Valencia Pt. 2

 I decided to divide Valencia into two parts because it might end up being too long as one blog post. 

Sunday was beach time and I honestly cannot remember the last time I went to beach. Oh it felt so good just breathing in the fresh air of the water and the sand underneath my feet. It was a good day to go out because it was not too hot. We all  sat down on the sand and soaked up the sun.

Valencia 13

It was  time for lunch and I heard Valencia has the best paella, which I have tried and tested. I have had paella before and I did not like it. But the Valencia paella absolutely changed my mind. It reminded me of one of my favorite African dishes, jollies rice.  It is rice in a sauce, that tastes like tomato sauce. It was just freshly made and the seasoning was so tasty.  The Valencia paella I had, had chicken and rabbit I believe and it comes in the pan it was cooked in. I have to say so far this is the best meal I have had. If you find yourself in Valencia you have to get the paella.


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