Lonely La Latina Adventures


I am finally getting a hang of myself and adjusting to my new environment. My roommates have finally showed up so I am not scared/uncomfortable anymore. Classes have started but as predicted, I could not get into all the classes I need to get 12 credit hours that are required, but the International Office is pretty confident that I will get them. So all I have been doing for now is going to the classes anyways. So far, I really like my Media Management class and I ran as fast I could away from my digital post production class, I simply could not understand a word the professor said.

But that’s not what this post is about. It is about my lonely adventures in La Latina. After my Toledo weekend, introvert me decided to go on a solo adventure to explore a part of Madrid. I chose La Latina because it seemed like an easy location. My goal basically was to go to a museum and finally have churros! (I am a big fan of good food).

 So off I went to the San Isidro Museum. I really liked the museum because unlike the big Madrid museum, it is more of a local museum and it was free! Which is a big bonus for me. I found that most of the items in the Museum was focused on archaeology and history of the people of Madrid, I believe from pre-historic times. They also had a pretty cool interactive interface. You could use your hands to play games and watch videos of how life was ages ago. I definitely recommend this museum for like a cool night out. It is not a huge museum so it is possible to see the entire museum.

Right around the corner of the museum is the Plaza and Iglesia de San Andres. Which is pretty much a plaza with a big church, and yes of course there was a wedding going on. At this point I am starting to think every church I come across on the weekend has to be hosting a wedding, but I did not go inside the church. Although, it would have been nice to crash a wedding.

At this point, I was starving and looking forward to finally having some churros. My roommate hooked me up with a coupon for a churros spot,   Chocolateria San Gines. Apparently, this is one of the oldest churros spot in Madrid and yes they know their craft because it was absolutely amazing! I could not even finish the chocolate, it was just too much.

With my happy tummy, I ran along to KFC in So;. Yes I know, why would I want to eat KFC after having authentic churros. Honestly at this point I was craving some good fried chicken. Anyways it was not worth it. It was super oily and fatty, but I was hungry and I finished it all.

LL 1

Well later that night I redeemed myself. My roommates and I went to have dinner at a really nice Tapas spot.  I had my first Sangria which was nice and oh my goodness, Spaniards know how to do pata bravas. It was absolutely good.

Oh my study abroad tip for today; is try to go to authentic Spanish restaurants or tapas spot not KFC.





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