Dancing in Toledo

I know you were probably wondering, so when is Damie actually going to start exploring. Well I have officially begun with a trip to Toledo, once upon a time, an ancient Roman City. I actually went with my new friend Ivy (the girl from Netherlands).

I am not going to tell all about Toledo, because you can find that on traveler or lonely planet, but I am going to tell you about my personal experience with Toledo, so I apologize in advance if it does not match other travel sites.

Toledo reminded me of more of fortress than a city. A nice fortress like the ones in the Disney fairy tales where the kings and queens live happily ever after. The tall walls and bridges were all so beautifully made.

The ride up the city was a little bumpy but it was worth the shrieks from the other travelers. It was beautiful to look at the city from down below and admire the trees, old building and the water. It was not a beautiful blue water body. Nevertheless, it was beautiful to look at with warm summer breeze blowing.

Toledo 1

Finally at the top of the city, our tour guide gave us time to take pictures, with the background of the water and the buildings behind.

The tour begins by walking on the Puente de San Martín. The bridge has some beautifully made arcs. On both sides you can see the river and you can also see some brave souls zip lining across the bridge. I definitely recommend if you are up for the thrill.

From the bridge we go into the city, which is just absolutely beautiful because of the unique mix of cultures. In Toledo, you can see a mix of Jewish culture, Roman culture, Spanish Culture and Arab Culture. There are little tiles around the city, with Jewish symbols, I definitely recommend a game of counting how many you can find or just taking pictures of them.

Next stop was the Toledo Cathedral; Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo  (Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo). I will tell you one thing for sure, the church is absolutely breath-taking. The majestic size and aura was really amazing. There was a wedding taking place and we were fortunate enough to witness such a beautiful event.

Toledo 2

Side note: This was one of the most beautiful wedding party I have seen. Everyone was dressed really nice with big hats and the men were in the military regalia, definitely worth crashing.

Last stop Sephardic Museum (Museo Sefardí) an insightful look into Hispanic-Jewish culture.

Now you cannot go out in Spain without having Tapas! I had my first experience with Spanish Tapas and I cannot simply get enough of it! I ended my jolly day with tapas and of course ice cream and a big smile on my face.

With Love,

Damie Omole.



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