Orientation and Finding Friends

I am at my apartment and I am supposed to have two roommates, who I have not found yet. I guess they would be coming later. My apartment is pretty decent. I have my own room, which I am grateful for! Ok here come tip two. I originally wanted to get a room in the school accommodation, simply because I figured it will be the most convenient and closest to the school, but unfortunately I was rejected because I was not staying long enough which I found odd, bearing in mind that the cost of the accommodation is yes, you guessed it an arm and a leg.

 I contacted my school and they hooked me up with this website, which is probably similar to Zillow or Trulia. I found my present accommodation on this website and it was significantly cheaper. This has helped me save money I can use for travel.

Study abroad tip;  research on good and cheaper accommodation options aside from the school’s and save money for travelling. You are welcome in advance.

Back to orientation, I literally had to depend on google maps (another new best friend) to find my way even though it is literally 10 minutes from my apartment, it took me a good 30 minutes to get there. Here comes another tip; plan ahead and leave early.

I met some really nice people at orientation, I met a girl from Australia, a couple of Americans and a nice girl from Netherlands. Basically, this is when everyone is super friendly and it is really helps if you are super nice too, it makes it easier to make friends.

With Love,

Damie Omole.


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