Finding My Way Around

So here is the thing about Spain, unlike Atlanta where you literally have to drive to get everywhere.  You have to walk, take the train or the bus, well in Getafe at least.

 I was slightly freaking out about how I would get to my accommodation from my hotel. No taxi’s would come because it was like a 12 minute drive, and I possibly could not walk with two suitcases, a backpack and hand luggage. So yeah I was really at the verge of freaking out as the front desk too could not really understand my question and I could not understand their Spanish either.

Luckily! my landlord emailed me and asked me if I needed a ride to the apartment and I was like oh bless you angel from heaven. I am so glad he dropped me at the apartment because I am on the third floor, and the apartment had no elevators. It was my land lord and I struggling trying to carry my suitcase up three floors. Imagine if it was just me! Really grateful for his help, and he does not speak English and somehow we could miraculously communicate with each other with the help of google translate which has easily become my new best friend.

Trying to be positive and keep an open mind!

With Love,

Damie Omole.


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