So thankfully I arrived safely in Spain and yes you immediately notice how you really do need Spanish. Luckily I was able to find my suitcases and find my way around quickly. Ok I am not taking all the credit, a girl who could speak English helped me with a taxi (which by the way cost me an arm and a leg!).

So I am residing in Getafe, which is a little quiet part of Madrid. It is not the main center, but it is like a 30 minute train ride.

Thankfully, I listened to my parents and booked a hotel first before moving into my apartment. I am going to start dishing out tips now. Study abroad tip;  book a temporary accommodation (preferably a hotel) in case you do not like your accommodation.

 The hotel is pretty nice, but I have been avoiding getting food, because I am scared my Spanish will fail me but I need to go get some food!

Orientation is in a few days and I am really excited and looking forward to my adventures!

With Love,

Damie Omole.


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